This policy is the responsibility of Regional Training Contractors. From here-on within this policy, we, us, our means Regional Training Contractors (ABN: 22 386 191 729), also trading as RTCSA.


The purpose of this policy is to provide our clients with well-defined guidance and instruction as to our fees and charges; payment terms; cancellations; and refunds, prior to enrolling in any of our training courses and/or services.

Fees and Charges:

Regional Training Contractors offer ‘fee-for-service’ training. The amount and type of fees and charges payable will depend upon a number of instances, including, but not limited to: the qualification or unit of competency being undertaken; the duration of training and the location of training.

Learners are informed prior to enrolment of the total fee for the course, the amount and due date of any deposit should it be required, and any additional costs that may apply.  

RTCSA require all training fees to be paid prior to course commencement with the exception of nationally recognised training when the fee for an individual’s training is greater than $1,500. In this instance, when fees remain owing, the remaining fees are invoiced to the learner at the completion of the course, prior to issuing the AQF certification documentation.

Where applicable, a company may choose to issue a Purchase Order (with ABN). Once received an invoice to pay, identifying our trading terms will be forwarded to the client (business and/or organisation). Should a payment not be received by the due date a late payment fee may apply.

Accreditations (including Statements of Attainment or Attendance), are withheld until training fees have been paid in full. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not included in our course fees, unless otherwise stated. Prior to the course commencing, all learners are advised of the PPE that will be required, relevant to the course they are enrolling in. This will entail mandatory PPE and then any additional requirements should they be necessary. Due to safety regulations and RTCSA’s commitment to safe work practices, attendance without the required PPE will result in a ‘No Admittance’ to the course, and a possible forfeit of course fees. 

Mandatory PPE consists of: 

  • Enclosed footwear – eg. Safety boots;
  • High visibility long sleeved shirt (or long-sleeved shirt with high-visibility vest);
  • Long pants (jeans are acceptable).

Public Courses:

Please be aware that the availability of places within our public course training is on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, and we offer no guarantee of enrolment until course payment has been received, or evidence of payment produced. 

All our public course fees are charged per individual and are inclusive of: administration charges; venue hire; training delivery; student refreshments – Please note: Lunch is NOT provided and is not included in course fees; training assessment; student course materials; issuing of statements and awards; goods and service tax where applicable – all training services provided by RTCSA are subject to GST except where they are explicitly defined under the GST Act as a GST-Free education course.

Onsite Training:

Our onsite training fees are referenced in a given quotation.

All our onsite training fees are quoted at either a day rate, or a half day rate, dependent upon the required duration of the course being undertaken, and the minimum/maximum rate of personnel we can safely train at any given time. 

Quotes for on-site training are inclusive of: administration charges; travel expenses, incl. accommodation; training delivery; training assessment; student course materials; issuing of statements and awards; goods and service tax where applicable – all training services provided by RTCSA are subject to GST except where they are explicitly defined under the GST Act as a GST-Free education course.

Additional Charges:

To provide our clients with nationally accredited units of competency and/or courses, Regional Training Contractors rely on their partnership with All States Training (AST) – RTO 32577. This registered training organisation charges us fees for services including compliance checking, record storage and generation of Statement of Attainments (SOA’s). 

 AST may impose fees of their own, outside of our area of training, for the following services:

  • Credit Transfer Applications
  • Recognition of Prior Learning Applications
  • Certificate Re-prints (SOA)

Further details about these fees and services can be found in AST’s Student Handbook. This is available at their website: or by phoning their office: (07) 4123 0415. 

Payment Options:

Regional Training Contractors accept the following methods of payment: 

  • Cash  
  • Bank cheque 
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (account details available on request)  
  • Where prior arrangements have been made and confirmed, company or personal cheques can be accepted, and in such cases, cheques are to be made payable to Regional Training Contractors. 
  • RTCSA does NOT currently accept on-line or credit card payments.

Cancellations and Refunds:

If a client is unable to attend the course on which they are booked, a minimum of 10 business days written notice is required to obtain a full refund or to transfer the booking. Bookings cancelled, or transferred, less than 10 business days, but prior to two business days, before course commencement, will receive a refund of monies paid (less a $35 administration fee; and in the case of on-site bookings – less any expenses incurred to the point of cancellation, including any assessor and resource costs – pre-booked accommodation and pre-paid materials). 

Bookings cancelled two days prior to course commencement are not eligible for a refund. 

If a learner does not attend on the day of the course or withdraws from a course after the course has commenced, this is classified as a non-attendance and no refund will be given. 

Learners arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to attend the course and will also be classified as a non-attendance, with no refund given. 

We are aware that at times a company/organisation may need to substitute learners based on staff availability. Please be advised that whilst we will endeavour to accommodate this, some pre-requisites may apply for our accredited training – this can include pre-reading material which assists our learners to successfully complete their course or training. Should an organisation be required to alternate learners they will also need to ensure that substituted learners receive the necessary pre-learning materials prior to commencement of training. 


Please note that if a medical certificate or other appropriate documentation is produced as grounds for cancellation, the booking may be transferred without additional charges. This will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Payment of Refunds:

Course cancellations must be in writing and emailed to Regional Training Contractors at:

Where a refund is determined to be payable, the refund amount less any applicable administration fees, will be calculated and the refund processed within 15 business days from the formal notification of cancellation.

Refunds can only be paid to the person or body from whom the original payment was received. 

Course Postponements by Regional Training Contractors:

Regional Training Contractors reserve the right to cancel or postpone any training program/course at any time for the following reasons:  

  • Insufficient class numbers;
  • Poor weather conditions rendering the training environment unsafe; 
  • Unavailability of trainers;  
  • The training venue becoming unavailable for any reason.

 Any registered participant affected by this cancellation will receive a full refund or be offered the opportunity to transfer to the next available course. 

Complaints and Appeals:

Should a client wish to appeal against a decision not to award a refund, they should address this in their first instance to Regional Training Contractors by completing a ‘Complaints and Appeal form’, and forwarding this through to or by post: PO Box 282, PETERBOROUGH SA 5422.

Version 1.0. July 2018