• Dozer pushing up soil

    Plant and Heavy Machinery

    Backhoe/Loader Training and Assessment Duty of Care/VOC RIIMPO319D – Conduct Backhoe/Loader Operations Dozer Training and Assessment Duty of Care/VOC Excavator …

  • A man working at lights with safety gear

    Accredited Short Courses

    Breathing Apparatus MSMWHS216 – Operate Breathing Apparatus Chainsaw AHCMOM213 – Operate and Maintain Chainsaws Confined Spaces RIIWHS202D Enter Work in …

  • Man supervising work at a construction site

    Non-Accredited Short Courses

    Load Restraints Manual Handling Risk Assessment: Knowledge and Awareness Emergency Evacuation Procedures Duty of Care Vibe Plate Duty of Care …

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Regional Training Contractors understand that sending staff off site for training can be a costly experience, not to mention leaving a company short staffed, so we work with you and your company to make training as easy as possible.